Are 911 calls allowed? What about calls or texts from certain numbers like parents or the boss?
Yes – Emergency calls are always allowed. Also, parents and employers can assign certain phone numbers to the ‘Safe List’ and allow phone calls and text messages to pass through while DT App is active. To update the Safe List, log into your account and update settings.
Does the DT App service work with all carriers?
Yes, DT App works with any wireless carrier.
I want to talk when I’m driving and I use a Bluetooth headset for safety. Will DT App allow me to talk on the phone if I am using my headset?
My parents installed DT App on my phone. Can I uninstall it?
Yes. But your parents will be auto notified if you remove the application.
Does DT App jam the mobile phone’s signal?
No; jamming FCC licensed cellular signals is illegal. Any Equipment that stops mobile phone use by jamming cell phones is illegal for sale in the United States. DT App works with telemetry to limit features of the phone while maintaining its cellular connection so that calls and texts to phone numbers added to the user’s safe list (911, parents, campus / amber alerts, etc) can be made.